Alma - Close-Up

Sensual Grace

Some people seem to come from a different age. As if they were born many years ago, yet somehow live with us today. Alma is one of those people.

Like the mysterious girl from the famous painting The Girl With The Pearl Earring, Alma has a beauty that crosses centuries. She has a classical look, the kind of beauty that was once worshipped by aristocrats and artists during the Renaissance. Back then people idealised the female figure in its natural form. There is no doubt they would have celebrated Alma’s soft, natural and graceful curves.

From Ukraine, and just 20 years old, she is currently studying at university. But Alma also has an adventurous spirit. The sort of strong-minded, independent girl who just packs a bag without telling anyone and heads off to discover the world and find herself.

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Sonya - Strings

Female Force

Girl power has never been more potent. Women in the 1950s were told to “know their place”. But times have changed. This girl represents the new order. Sonya is a member of the modern wave of female empowerment.

The 22-year-old Ukrainian epitomises the beauty of Eastern Europeans – pale skin, blond hair and ice blue eyes. Sonya is not afraid to showcase her feminine and sexual power. She believes sexuality should be viewed as a strong and essential female force, not something to be hidden or controlled by men. Sonya sees her body as a vehicle for the journey of her life. So it should be nourished, pampered and stimulated to maximise the quality of her time on this planet. And as you can see, she treats her body like a temple.

And if you want Sonya screaming in your ear, it’s easier that you might imagine. Just be careful what you wish for. As a yoga and personal fitness instructor, she’s used to pushing people hard. She’ll soon get you into shape.

Unleashing the healing power of the sexual life force.

Adriana has never been touched like this before. In order to lay bare her mind, body and soul like this, she had to shed her inhibitions. Fortunately for her, she was in Charlotta’s hands. You could not wish for a more caring and skilled guide on this journey of sexual discovery.

Adriana soon learned that with greater awareness comes greater pleasure. But the goal of this sacred ceremony to worship the female body is not to achieve powerful orgasms. That’s just a fortunate outcome on the path to sexual enlightenment.

So enter the atmospheric surroundings of our Tantric Temple. And witness this healing and empowering ancient sexual ritual.

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